Daily Live Training - For Your Entire Team
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Everything Included:

  • Daily Live Sales Training: Zoom Call to Provide A Different Lesson Every Day Of The Week - To Massively Improve Your Conversions From Leads!
  • Internet Leads Script:  You Receive The Fruits Of Our Labor And The Optimized Script Honed Over Years And Millions Of Sales Calls (Over 30 Million Dials!)
  • Consistent Practice: Using Spaced Repetition Training Processes, You'll Notice Measurable Results In No Time With A Program That Has Generated Millions Of Annual Premium!
  • Time Savings: Let Us Help Your Team Get The Daily Live Trainings They Need and Want!
  • ​The Pickup Line:  Mondays - Your Sales Team Will Practice The Most Important Fundamental: The Handoff And First Impression.  Getting The Quote Is The First Step!
  • First Date:  Tuesdays Your Sales People Will Learn The Importance Of Building A Strong Case For Their Recommendations - Making Your Agency Stand Out Above The Noise!
  • The Proposal: Wednesdays - Your Sales Agents Will Hone Their Presentation And Explanation Of Coverages, Just Enough To Create Urgency, Not Enough To Bore People To Death, Creating An Insurance Sales Ninja!
  • ​Get Out Of The Doghouse: Thursdays - Dropping The Proper And Consistent Message Will Result In Less Objections, But When They Get Them, They'll Be Ready!
  • Buy-Day Wrap Up: Fridays - No Better Way To End The Week Than Priming Your Team For A $10k Day To Maximize Your ROI!

"Game Changer - It forces you as an agency owner to think differently about how to predictably grow your agency. Take the leap!" -Cody H, Independent

"The Teledudes Community [has] helped me build a framework for how I want my agency to function. I also love how they have weekly and daily calls for support. What Do You Have To Lose?"  -  Pamela D, Colorado Agent

"It's a numbers game. More dials, more opportunity. Give It A Try!" - Vernon P, Arkansas Agent

Jump In! This has created activity for the agency. The good type of activity. Which is creating more quotes than we have every had!" - Gavin S, Utah Agent

"I love our telemarketer. She works hard to get us transfers. I plan on sticking with the program and it works! Try it for 3 months. I still need to help my LSP's with close ratio, but even with that problem we are seeing sales from Teledudes." 

-Rhiannon W, Arizona Agent

If you want to be successful, this is the single best thing you can do to keep your associates busy and provide continual training from real life people in the industry who have been where they are and understand exactly what they are going through and more important, provide them with the tolls and stories necessary to become very successful! 
- Wade N, Texas Agent

"Using Teledudes TMs is the easiest way to get leads to your producers. They do the heavy lifting. The longer you hesitate the further behind you are getting."

- Ryan S, West Virginia Agent

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