Insurance Dudes are on a mission to escape being handcuffed by our agencies…

How? uncovering the Secrets to creating a predictable, consistent, and profitable agency sales machine... LEGO!!!



The Insurance Dudes Podcast

The Insurance Dudes are on a mission to find the best the best insurance agents around the country to find out how they are creating some of the top agencies. But they do not stop there, they also bring professionals from other industries for insights that can help agents take their agencies to the next level. 
The Four Pillars
The Insurance Dudes focus on the four pillars: Hiring, Training, Marketing and Motivation! We have to keep the sword sharp if we want our agencies to thrive. 
Insurance Dudes are leaders in their home, at their office and in their community. This podcast will keep you on track with like minded high performing agents while keeping entertained!
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 David Seagraves - Farmers 



TeleDudes Podcast

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Meet The Insurance Dudes

Craig Pretzinger

Captive Insurance Agent

Jason Feltman

Captive Insurance Agent
The Insurance Dudes met back in 2018 when Jason Feltman was fresh to the insurance industry and Craig Pretzinger was in his 10th year as an agent. They came from different backgrounds, yet had the same drive to succeed and positive overall outlook on the future of the agent—that is IF the right strategic moves were made. In those early days, the Dudes were on the phone daily, talking shop: from marketing and sales to hiring and agency culture, these dudes couldn’t get enough talk time ;).  

They predicted that a major shift in the landscape of the insurance agency world was underway, and the result of that shift would leave many agents looking for new careers. The Dudes believed that agents would need to grow rapidly to compete with the large captive carriers and lizardish call centers. The big carriers were pumping out billions of marketing dollars with the relentless message that all insurance was the same and cheap was better. They were telling consumers that the agent didn’t matter. While they knew this not to be the case, they also believed that perception is reality. Without a marketing war chest at their disposal to expose the inaccuracies of the cheap insurance companies’ 1984-style marketing machines, they knew there had to be another way for Insurance Dudes and Dudettes to break through!

With the agents’ livelihoods at stake, The Dudes knew theirs and their peers’ only hopes were to interact with the top players in the agency space and learn from the best of the best. Agents around the industry were shrinking or ejecting from the industry altogether, unable to adapt or find ways to win. The Dudes knew that if they wanted to stay alive, they’d need to gather a ton of intel from the top agents and boil it down into an effective, predictable, and scalable strategy, supported by measurable tactics to ensure theirs and their peers’ success. 

Craig and Jason realized that they could make a difference in their space, by cutting through the doom and gloom and helping agents control the things they had control over, and help them adapt to the things they could not. Like Episode 4 they had become their industry’s New Hope.

This message of, and desire to help, was what birthed The Insurance Dudes Podcast.  It launched as a beacon for all agents across the country (and globally—they’re surprisingly big in Greece) to learn, develop, and win at insurance marketing, sales, and hiring. The Podcast’s purpose was to be the best resource for agents in the industry and to help agents compress their learning curve to achieve exceptional results. They built the #1 podcast in the industry from scratch by dedicating their time and energy to delivering episode after episode of actionable content.

Mr Jason and Mr Craig had tried almost every gimmick, lead, and coaching platform. They realized there wasn’t anything in their world that truly served the agency owner with a crystal-clear path to exceptional results, from end-to-end.  

Meanwhile, The Dudes were creating a community of like-minded and positive agents who were all interested in elevating each others’ skills and success. They developed and delivered a long-term strategy that would work with any agency size, and any agent who believed in and trusted the process. The only caveat? They must have the burning desire to bring positivity and a 100% all-in commitment to the process and leave all their old habits at the door. 

In 2020, during the world’s darkest hour, where global pandemic and political insanity were converging like an episode of Walking Dead, they published their 200th Insurance Dudes Podcast Episode. Simultaneously, these Dudes launched the TeleDudes to ignite and fuel the result of agents who were committed to becoming Elite Insurance Dudes.  

They introduced the world’s first TeleFunnel to the industry, modeled after everything they’d learned from the last two years of meeting agents, and testing their strategies. The Dudes, now writing over $500,000 per month in combined premium were releasing their knowledge into the wild! Their simple and foolproof strategy would save the everyday agent just when they needed it most.  

In a time of “great uncertainty” when agents were falling by the wayside, the Insurance Dudes and Dudettes Elite Members banded together to lift each other out of the pit of despair and into the coveted $100k/month Elite Dude Status.  

A team of TeleDudes, coupled with the Peak Performance Challenge (the all-secrets revealed step-by-step course on how to execute a TeleFunnel Telemarketing strategy), helped agents who were previously fighting a losing fight, not only to stay alive, but helped them to write more premium in a month than they had previously, all year long.   

Elite Dudes Agents transformed their scarcity mindsets, fearful of “expenses,” to abundance mindsets embracing the notion of betting on themselves. These Elite Dudes were proud to grow their agencies and to earn buy-in from their teams. TeleDudes Elite Dudes members maximized their wealth and took advantage of the opportunity that so many other agents were blind to. Because of the Insurance Dudes, thousands of Local Agents were reclaiming the throne!

As The Insurance Dudes community continues to grow, Insurance Dudes and Dudettes are pledging their loyalty to this program. This program works because of the community that exists and the results that agents are seeing when they follow the process. As more agencies join the movement each day, they’re welcomed in. New agents immediately realize that this program is unlike anything they’ve ever been a part of. Agency owners across the country are tired of being taken advantage of by “silver bullets” and “golden opportunities.” They have awakened to the TeleDudes Tele-Funnels system and bought in to its proven track record, a track record made possible by making millions of dials to hundreds of thousands of leads, resulting in millions and millions of issued premium.  

Thousands of agencies have risen above the noise and attained results that they themselves never believed possible. The Insurance Dudes are only looking for TeleDudes Elite agents who are committed to hard work and willing to push their chips ALL-IN. The current community of Elite Dudes and Dudettes don’t have time for dabblers or wannabes—only time to help those committed to making it happen—no matter what. If you’re ready to join us and have an unwavering desire to remain standing when the insurance chips fall, join TeleDudes. Become an Elite Dude and make your agency more successful than you could ever imagine. We are taking applicants now. Click here for TeleDudes.

The Insurance Dudes are on mission of bringing the best of insurance to agents all over the country so that the local insurance agent can reclaim the throne to help families and businesses all over this nation get the protection they deserve!


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