Are You An Insurance Agent?

What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:

The Funnel you need to create...
The Story you need to tell...
The Traffic who needs to find you...

"There's A Difference Between Having A Funnel... And Having A Funnel That Actually Makes Money."

Thursday, June 14th

@ 5:00PM EST, 7:00PM PST
Masterclass: “How To Predictably Sell 6-Figures A Month From Insurance Internet Leads While Saving You Time And Money!
  •   “We’ve uncovered a ‘New TeleFunnel Strategy’ that almost NO AGENT knows about...” will grow your agency faster and more predictably than anything else 
  •  We looked behind the scenes of 19 million dials of data, 1.9 million contacts” We’ve Learned the Single Biggest Secret to Catapult Any Agency’s Sales
  • ​ ​“How To Get The Right Cost Per Sale From All Of Your Internet Leads” (AKA actually getting an ROI on your marketing)
This Masterclass Begins In:
What You'll Learn From This FREE Masterclass:
The Secret Tele-Funnels
“How To Predictably Sell Hundreds Of Thousands In Premium A Month Using Any Leads
How To Copy The Best
“How Your Agency Can Replicate The Largest Insurance Carrier’s Proven Telefunnel (With TeleDudes) In Less Than 2 Weeks
Reduce Agency's Costs
“How To Spend More On Internet Leads To Save Your Agency A Fortune
They've All Created a Predictable Stream Of New Insurance Quotes & Sell $100k+ a Month!" (Without Cold-Calling 18 Hours A Day) 
This Free Masterclass Reveals Top 3 Ways Our Clients Win With Internet Leads !
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