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You Will Learn The Exact 4 Step Process of How Jason And Craig Grew A Combined Premium Of Over $11,000,000 In Just 4 Years!

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  • If you want to build a growing, long-term business
  • ​If you want to change your and your team’s lives through exponential growth
  • ​​If you want to get better results from your leads
  • ​If you want to be part of a positive elite agent community

  • ​If you are tired of handling everything in your agency
  • ​If you have ever been afraid to leave the office because everything will fall apart 
  • ​If you are ready to accelerate your agency instead of just “hanging on”
  • ​If you are tired of being afraid of what the carrier is going to do and ready to make moves on what you can control
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The Luxurious Kona Kai Resort
Sun, surf and sea are the core of our California-contemporary hotel at one end of Shelter Island. With an adults-only pool, a family pool, a private beach, an indulgent spa and tons of other activities, there is always something to uncover at Kona Kai. Join up with other successful and positive P&C agents focusing on creating consistency and agency growth. You’ll hear deep-tactics from an amazing line-up of speakers, workshop your lead funnel, and walk away with an actionable plan to change your business and life.  

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Hosted By Craig Pretzinger And Jason Feltman

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Night sweats would jolt me awake almost every night back in 2016 — I couldn’t remember the last time I slept a full eight hours.

I panicked whenever my carrier came out with the following year’s bonus. It reminded me that I’d missed the prior year’s bonus by just a few items. Don't get me wrong, what we did was amazing., We’d pushed hard as an agency, but we had fallen short. The concern was that renewing commissions were going down, interest rates were rising, and the competition was cheaper.

I’d wake up in the middle of the night with this hallow, stressed, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling.

Should I sell the agency? Should I move to Tahiti? Should I enlist in the army? Should I jump off a bridge with cement shoes on?

There didn’t seem like a way out that wasn’t crazy — at least an easy way out. Fortunately, this was not the case.

Have you read The Obstacle Is The Way, written by Ryan Holiday? Through Holoday's lens, your obstacle here is having a system that generates predictable results that can be duplicated and scaled. If I can get that system in place, I can get past the challenge of extremely thin to no net income and dig out of this hole!  

Over the next 5+ years, Jason and I have made it our mission to build, from the ground up, a McDonald’s-like process to lock in trackable, scaleable, predictable long-term agency profits using internet leads. 

You may be thinking to yourself, “I hate internet leads! I have tried many companies, tried all types, and never got results!”  

It’s not your fault; this has been your experience. I too had experienced this thought process. But unfortunately, there’s an industry-wide systematic lack of understanding around internet leads, compliance, analytics, and the activities required to get scalable results.

Don’t fear… Over the last five years of trial and error and the bridges we had to cross (and burn), between Jason and my agencies, we were able to write close to $7 million in premium.  

And we will be working through this entire framework at Elite Agencies Ignite on May 17,18,19 at the fabulous Kona Kai Resort in San Diego, CA.

We will dive deep into Lead Acquisition, Lead Activation, Sales Conversion, and Sales Optimization. You’ll have the entire operating system to make a quantum leap with your agency.

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